The Best Window Treatments For Commercial Properties

Window Treatments in OKC

When commercial property owners think of energy savings or remodeling, they often think of extensive changes or retrofits that are expensive and difficult to manage. But some smaller changes can have a huge impact on energy costs and make your commercial space look brand new. We’re talking about window treatments. Here are our three favorites for commercial spaces and why we love them.

Why We Love Window Treatments

Windows can account for 30% energy loss in buildings and homes (1). Not only can window treatments offer a fresh upgrade to your interior decor, but they can save you big on heating and cooling costs. How much you save ultimately depends on the types of treatment you choose and the materials you choose, but there can be a considerable ROI on adding or upgrading your window coverings.

Roller Shades

Large open spaces with large windows and lots of natural light can have privacy and energy savings with roller shade installation. Roller shades have a sleek and modern design that allows you to control the amount of natural light with ease. They come in a variety of materials with a different level of transparency and colors that will match your current brand or interior design needs. There are also options for manual or motorized shades, and the motorized options include the ability to automate with the movement of the sun. Perfect for dining areas, open office spaces, co-working spaces, lounge areas, and more.


In the office, some conversations are just better made in private. You might be discussing sensitive information. These days the options for blinds are endless, and they are great for creating privacy for indoor windows. Install in window walls that pear into conference rooms and private offices to instantly create a more private environment.  And if you manage an apartment complex and are renovating fixtures, adding new blinds can improve the look ( and value) of renters living space. 

Long gone are the days of cheap blinds that break and bend. You can now choose high-quality blinds that compliment your interior color scheme, made with materials that are sturdy, lightweight, and look fantastic.


More durable than blinds, shutters can make any commercial space feel more like home. If you manage a retail space, restaurant, or medical office, making your space feel welcoming and inviting is almost just as important as your service. Shutters provide a great atmosphere while needing fewer replacements over time, making it a great investment for the long term.

Need some new window treatments to compliment your office building? We work with the experts in window treatment installation at Ketch Design Centre to guarantee you are satisfied with your window treatment selection. Call us today and for a quote on window treatments for your commercial property. 



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