Your Commercial Landscaping Checklist

Landscape Maintenance In OKC

Your commercial landscaping is often the first thing a potential client, partner, or resident sees. Green spaces can do more than make your building look good though. They can attract quality talent, and even save you money on water and energy. Make a good first impression by adhering to a solid maintenance schedule. Here is a handy checklist of landscaping tasks to help you maintain your lawn or property green spaces.

Lawn Care and Weed Removal

Keep your lawn lush and green by preventing the spread of disease and weeds. Mow regularly to avoid overgrowth and pests, ensure a good source of irrigation in the spring, and treat the grass with fertilizer.

Take Care of Your Trees

Trees provide shade, clean air, and natural beauty to your commercial property. Take care of the trees and the trees will take care of your business.

Trimming and Pruning

A well-manicured landscape can make or break your professional appearance. Keep all shrubs and large plants pruned and trimmed on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth and a scruffy appearance.

Seasonal and Native Plants

Make sure your plants are native to your area and are planted seasonally as needed. Not only will native plants thrive better in their natural climate, but switching out your flower beds as needed will keep your landscaping fresh and beautiful.


Make sure you run regular irrigation tests to check for leaks or improper drainage. You’ll save on your water bill and catch potentially expensive problems before they get worse.

Trash Removal

No one likes a litterbug, but even with the best anti-litter policies, trash can blow onto your property from just about anywhere. Wind can carry unwanted debris and litter from streets and sidewalks, so the regular removal of trash will keep your business looking clean and presentable.

Snow Removal

If your building is in an area that sees snow each winter (even if it’s only a little bit) you will help your employees and clients considerably by ensuring that snow is removed in a timely fashion from walkways and pathways. You will reduce liability and risk as well by keeping people safe from slips on icy concrete.

Unique Spaces and Amenities

You may have unique landscaping needs, such as a green roof, community pool/patio area, or other special circumstances. Each of these comes with their own maintenance schedule and task list. Discuss this with your maintenance company to ensure that all of them are scheduled and taken care of.

Green spaces are becoming increasingly important to commercial property owners. They are increasingly becoming community areas, break areas, and the centerpiece of sustainability efforts.  Keep your green spaces clean and well maintained so that all the effort in designing and installing these spaces doesn’t go to waste. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck for all your beautification efforts, and make an excellent first impression.

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