Handyman Services
in OKC

Services overview


Interior Framing / Trim – Exterior Fascia / Soffit


Tile / Laminate / Prefinished Hardwood + Sub-floor repair, base molding & cove


Install / Repair / Tape & finish / Texture


Brush, Roll and Spray / Staining + Finish / Interior & Exterior


Troubleshooting / Remove & Replace fixtures & switches / Install ceiling fans & exhaust fans. New rough-in, running new power, circuits and breakers are sub-contracted through our licensed electrician and we act as GC.


Repair / Remove & Replace / Troubleshoot existing / New build-out is assigned to our associated licensed plumber

Doors / Windows / Locks & Hardware / Weather-proofing

Residential style install, remove and replace. Prehung wood and metal framed doors. Interior and Exterior including emergency egress, office and exterior safety doors. Caulk and weatherstripping. Door & Window hardware, sills and thresholds and lock-sets installed, repaired and replaced.

Furniture, Enclosures, Appliances & Fixtures

Remove, replace, assemble and install


Interior and Exterior / Guttering and drainage / Fencing & gate repair / Grid ceiling repair / Window treatments and shutter install and repair / Seasonal filter changes / Energy efficiency ballast and light bulb exchange / Safety & Emergency apperatus installation, replacement and working order checks / Battery exchange / Punch list reports, audits and repairs / Assets inventoried, boxed, moved to clients storage / Debris and Junk removed / Power washing

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