5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Facility Maintenance

OKC Facilities Maintenance

If you are a commercial property manager, you know every day comes down to putting out fires (sometimes literally). Facility management is evolving to include a large complexity of tasks. Managing a commercial building involves much more than fixing the occasional leak or cleaning the carpets. From fire safety to renovations, more management teams are outsourcing their facility management. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your maintenance to a third party vendor:

1) Leave it to the Professionals

As previously mentioned, it takes expertise in a lot of areas to fix, renovate, and manage a commercial property. Many facility management services have a team of people that specialize in a variety of fields. A third party vendor has the capacity to hire and train skilled professionals so that you don’t have to. These companies also stay up to date on the latest technologies and develop best practices.

OKC Facilities Maintenance

2) Increase Efficiency and Productivity

A third party vendor is often a more efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining your property. They often have the experience and resources they need to drive down the cost of the services they provide. You also save big by not having to train employees or provide the equipment, tools, and supplies required to do the job. You are also more productive because all you have to do is schedule the services you need and someone else figures out how to do the rest.

3) Safety First

A maintenance service company not only understands the latest safety regulations for your building, but they are also responsible for creating a safe work environment for their staff and yours while projects are being completed. They are also aware of ADA regulations and can make sure you stay compliant with every repair and renovation you need.

4) Sustainability

If you are renovating your building and you are concerned with rising energy costs, outsourcing to a company that knows about the latest technology in energy upgrades will save money in the long run. Many local governments now require energy and water efficiency upgrades when renovations are made to commercial buildings, so hiring a knowledgeable team could also ensure you stay compliant with local regulations.

5) Reduce Liability

Outsourcing your maintenance and repairs lower your liability and can save you money on insurance. An accident involving an employee can raise premiums, so leaving all the risky work to a trained professional is the best way to prevent injuries to your in-house team.

As you can see, outsourcing your facilities maintenance just makes sense. Need an experienced team to handle repairs, renovations, and more?

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